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  • Is your organization operating in a sector where competitive advantage arises from paying low wages?
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    Competitive Wages Assessment ERP Fitness Test – Utilization, Solutions, Advantages, BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal):

    Competitive Wages

    Competitive wages refer to the salary and benefits offered by an organization that are comparable to or better than those offered by similar companies in the same industry. This can help attract and retain top talent, as well as create a competitive advantage for the company.

    1. Increase wages to match or exceed industry standards.
    – Attracts and retains talented employees
    – Demonstrates commitment to employee well-being and loyalty.

    2. Offer performance-based bonuses or incentives.
    – Motivates employees to perform at their best.
    – Encourages loyalty through rewards for hard work.

    3. Provide opportunities for career advancement.
    – Employees feel valued and invested in their future.
    – Increases motivation and job satisfaction.

    4. Offer a comprehensive benefits package.
    – Attracts and retains top talent.
    – Shows that the organization values employee well-being.

    5. Promote a positive work culture and work-life balance.
    – Creates a supportive and enjoyable work environment.
    – Encourages employee loyalty and reduces turnover.

    6. Communicate openly and transparently with employees.
    – Builds trust and fosters a sense of inclusion.
    – Promotes loyalty and strengthens the employer-employee relationship.

    7. Recognize and reward exemplary employees.
    – Shows appreciation and encourages continued dedication.
    – Cultivates a culture of recognition and motivates other employees.

    8. Conduct trainings and development programs.
    – Helps employees develop new skills and stay engaged.
    – Creates loyalty by investing in employees′ growth and development.

    9. Foster a sense of belonging and team spirit.
    – Employees feel connected and valued as part of a team.
    – Promotes loyalty and a positive work culture.

    10. Provide opportunities for work flexibility.
    – Allows employees to manage work-life balance.
    – Increases job satisfaction and commitment to the organization.

    CONTROL QUESTION: Is the organization operating in a sector where competitive advantage arises from paying low wages?

    Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) for 10 years from now:

    In 10 years, our organization will have achieved a benchmark of offering the highest wages in our industry, creating a reputation for being the most competitive and sought after employer. This will be achieved through continuous growth and success, allowing us to invest in our employees and reward their dedication and hard work with above-market compensation. Our company culture will prioritize fair and equitable compensation for all employees, recognizing the value they bring to our organization. We will become known as the leader in setting the standard for competitive wages, attracting the top talent in the industry and creating a loyal and motivated workforce. Our commitment to providing exceptional pay will not only benefit our employees, but also drive our overall profitability and success as a top-performing organization.

    We believe that by prioritizing and investing in our employees through competitive wages, we will ultimately set ourselves apart from our competitors and solidify our position as a leader in the industry. Our goal is to not only offer competitive wages, but also to lead the charge in raising industry standards for fair compensation and advocacy for employees′ rights. In doing so, we will not only achieve financial success, but also create a positive impact on the lives of our employees and their families. Our 10-year goal for competitive wages is ambitious, but we are committed to continuously improving and setting the bar higher for employee compensation in our sector.

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    Competitive Wages Case Study/Use Case example – How to use:

    Client Situation:

    Competitive Wages (CW) is a small manufacturing company that produces low-cost consumer goods, primarily targeting the price-sensitive market segment. The company has been struggling to maintain its market share due to fierce competition from other low-cost producers, both domestic and international. CW has been facing challenges in terms of profitability and growth, mainly due to high production costs, including labor costs. The management team at CW is considering cutting down on wages to reduce production costs as a competitive strategy. However, they are uncertain if this approach will provide them with a sustainable competitive advantage or if it could potentially harm their brand image and employee morale.

    Consulting Methodology:

    Our consulting team utilized a multi-phase approach to assess the feasibility and potential impact of implementing a low-wage strategy at CW:

    1. Market Analysis: We conducted extensive research on the consumer goods market to understand the trends and competitive landscape. Our analysis showed that price sensitivity was a significant factor driving consumer purchasing decisions in this sector.

    2. Cost-Benefit Analysis: We assessed CW′s current cost structure, focusing on labor costs, to determine the potential impact of lowering wages. Our findings revealed that labor costs accounted for 40% of the total production expenses.

    3. Stakeholder Analysis: We interviewed key stakeholders, including employees, customers, and industry experts, to understand their perceptions and expectations regarding wage levels and the potential impact of a low-wage strategy.

    4. Best Practices Review: We researched successful companies in the same sector that have implemented low-wage strategies and analyzed their business models to understand the drivers of their success.


    Based on our research and analysis, we delivered the following key recommendations to CW:

    1. Implementation of a Variable Pay Scale: We proposed a variable pay scale based on the productivity and performance of employees. This would incentivize employees to be more productive and reduce the burden of fixed labor costs for CW.

    2. Investment in Automation: We recommended investing in automation and modern technology to reduce reliance on labor and improve production efficiency.

    3. Employee Retention Strategies: We suggested implementing employee retention strategies, such as training and development programs, to enhance employee satisfaction and reduce turnover.

    Implementation Challenges:

    Implementing a low-wage strategy at CW would be met with various challenges, such as:

    1. Employee Resistance: Employees may resist wage cuts, leading to low morale and productivity.

    2. Negative Public Perception: Implementing a low-wage strategy could harm CW′s brand image, especially if it is not communicated effectively to stakeholders.

    3. Compliance with Labor Laws: CW must ensure compliance with local labor laws while implementing a low-wage strategy.

    KPIs and Management Considerations:

    To measure the success of our recommendations, we proposed the following key performance indicators (KPIs):

    1. Cost Reduction: We recommended monitoring labor costs as a percentage of total production expenses to track the effectiveness of the variable pay scale and automation investments.

    2. Employee Retention: A decrease in employee turnover would indicate a positive impact of employee retention strategies.

    3. Productivity: An increase in productivity, measured by units produced per labor hour, would demonstrate the effectiveness of the variable pay scale and employee retention strategies.

    The management team at CW must also consider the long-term implications of implementing a low-wage strategy, such as the potential impact on employee motivation and satisfaction, as well as reputational risks.


    Based on our market analysis and best practices review, we believe that CW can gain a competitive advantage by implementing a low-wage strategy. However, it is crucial to address potential challenges effectively and monitor KPIs closely to ensure the sustainability and success of this approach. We recommend regular reviews of the company′s cost structure and employee satisfaction levels to make necessary adjustments and maintain a balance between cost reduction and employee welfare.

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