Organizational Culture and Vision, Mission and Purpose Alignment ERP Fitness Test (Publication Date: 2024/03)


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  • How have you changed your organizational culture to create an ERM community of practice?
  • How is organizational culture tied to your organizations financial success?
  • Do governance processes and your organizational culture enable effective risk management?
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    Organizational Culture Assessment ERP Fitness Test – Utilization, Solutions, Advantages, BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal):

    Organizational Culture

    By promoting open communication, knowledge sharing, and collaborative decision-making, I have fostered an ERM community of practice within the organization.

    1. Encourage open communication and collaboration among employees to foster a sense of community and teamwork.

    2. Implement an inclusive decision-making process to ensure all voices are heard and ideas are valued.

    3. Provide training and education on ERM principles to increase understanding and adoption of the practice.

    4. Develop a reward and recognition system that encourages ERM adoption and showcases best practices.

    5. Foster a culture of continuous improvement by regularly evaluating and updating ERM processes.

    1. Enhances knowledge sharing, leading to more effective risk management and decision-making.
    2. Increases employee engagement and motivation, resulting in higher productivity and job satisfaction.
    3. Improves overall organizational resilience and ability to adapt to changing circumstances.
    4. Cultivates a culture of innovation and creativity, leading to new and better risk management strategies.
    5. Builds a strong sense of ownership and commitment to ERM throughout the organization.

    CONTROL QUESTION: How have you changed the organizational culture to create an ERM community of practice?

    Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) for 2024:

    By 2024, our organization′s culture will be known for its strong focus on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), fostered by the creation of an ERM community of practice. This will be reflected in our employees′ mindset, behaviors, and daily practices. Our big hairy audacious goal is to achieve a 100% participation rate in the ERM community of practice and have it deeply ingrained in our organizational culture.

    To achieve this goal, we will implement the following strategies:

    1. Establish a dedicated ERM team: We will create a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who will champion the ERM cause and spearhead the establishment of the community of practice. They will be responsible for developing policies, procedures, and guidelines, as well as providing training and support to all employees.

    2. Encourage top-down support: We will garner support from senior leaders and ensure they are actively involved in promoting the ERM community of practice. This will set the tone and send a message to all employees that ERM is a top priority for the organization.

    3. Provide comprehensive training: To create a culture of ERM, all employees must have a clear understanding of the concept and its importance. Therefore, we will provide comprehensive training to all employees, including those at the entry-level, to ensure everyone is on the same page.

    4. Foster collaboration and knowledge sharing: The community of practice will serve as a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and continuous learning. We will promote an open and inclusive environment where employees feel comfortable seeking advice, sharing ideas, and learning from one another.

    5. Recognize and reward ERM champions: We will recognize and reward employees who demonstrate a strong commitment to ERM and actively contribute to the community of practice. This will incentivize others to follow their lead and drive the desired cultural change.

    6. Incorporate ERM into performance evaluations: ERM adoption and participation in the community of practice will be included as a key performance indicator in employee evaluations. This will reinforce the importance of ERM and incentivize employees to actively engage in the community of practice.

    In conclusion, our big hairy audacious goal for 2024 is to create a thriving ERM community of practice that is deeply ingrained in our organizational culture. With the right strategies and commitment from all levels of the organization, we are confident that we can achieve this goal and become known as a leader in ERM practices.

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